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The RareBird team is going to be an amazing asset to the Portland Real Estate Market! Mike Nuss has proven himself a great mentor and the RareBird Investor Network will soon be known throughout the PNW. Michael Moikeha, Envision Estates

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RareBird’s content is very thoroughly prepared and well delivered, and is both useful and educational to investors with all levels of experience. Because the presenters’ experience comes from first-hand real estate investing, the content presented is extremely useful, current and relevant. Jeff Stephens, Abound Properties

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Whenever I am in the general vicinity of Mike – I am learning something.

You often want to ask the Rarebird team to “slow down” so you can catch up on notes. That’s how informative they are. You even see the seasoned investors jotting down notes.

I’ve learned more from Mike and Tyler’s meetings than any other REI meeting I have been to, hands down. Mathew Lambright, Envision Estates


The RareBird Investor Network is a networking and education group that is dedicated to providing excellent real estate investment education and facilitating connections between deal-makers.  Most events require membership, but if it’s your first time, please come check us out for free.

Now accepting membership registration

Members get access to all of our monthly meetings, special networking events, as well as discounts on seminars and preferred vendor services. Members also get access to online resources, including weekly blog updates about the current market climate, access to interactive slides and recordings of past meetings, and access to discussion forums with input from other experienced investors in the Network.

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The All-Inclusive Monthly Meeting schedule is as follows:

  • 6:30 – Mike’s Market Update
  • 7:00 – Speaking Presentation (By Mike & Tyler or Local Expert Guest Speaker)
  • 8:00 – Bathroom & Beverage Break
  • 8:15 – In-Depth Deal Analysis & Case Studies
  • 9:15 – Networking