Founded in 2009, RareBird Inc.– formerly The Ableton Group, provides full-service real estate investing services including education, development, construction, property management, and a real estate brokerage powered by Premiere Property Group LLC. With over 30 projects completed and $3 million currently under management, RareBird Investments focuses on acquiring properties and adding value by maximizing the potential of each unique location. The RareBird portfolio includes short term remodel and sell assets, land development, construction, commercial, and multifamily properties. We are in the business of listening and solving, believing in the power of the reciprocal exchange – where everyone wins. Rarebird is Real Estate Unboxed.


Core Values:


Leaders – We bravely seize opportunity and dare to do things differently.

Listeners – We practice agenda-free listening.

Creators –  We solve instead of sell.

Educators – We teach and empower openly and honestly.

Givers – We exceed expectations and deliver with generosity.

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