“The RareBird Investor Network is special.”

RareBird members are some of the most generous, deliberate and fun real estate professionals I’ve ever encountered.

Lee Nielson


Hear What Others Are Saying…

Rarebird Investors

“At RareBird, I noted a higher level of group engagement, than most forums, as Mike’s credibility as a developer and appraiser, were showcased. He covered a lot of ground in a couple of hours.

The Lucky Lab Multnomah is a great location for an evening too. In the end, it was Mr. Nuss’ humor, humility, and personal skills that made the evening entertaining, not only informative.”

Nathan Bernhardt

Rarebird Investors

“You often want to ask the Rarebird team to “slow down” so you can catch up on notes. That’s how informative they are. You even see the seasoned investors jotting down notes.

I’ve learned more from Mike and Tyler’s meetings than any other REI meeting I have been to, hands down.”

Matthew Lambright

“From my first time attending a RareBird Investor meeting, I knew that I would be coming back for years.

You cannot find a more giving, more willing group of people who just want to help lift each other up to new heights. My life is forever better for having become a part of the RBIN.”

Bob Bochsler

“RareBird’s content is very thoroughly prepared and well-delivered, and is both useful and educational to investors with all levels of experience.

Because the presenters’ experience comes from first-hand real estate investing, the content presented is extremely useful, current and relevant.”

Jeff Stephens

“The RareBird Investor Network is a unique group that has successfully married their experience of the real estate industry with the integrity of those who lead it.

Personally, I have been able to witness and work with a number of group members and have seen this sector of our industry elevate itself to a prominent place in our market due to their work ethic and commitment to better how we do business.”

Brian Luccio

The RareBird Investor Network is an invaluable resource for both market knowledge and networking. At RareBird, you meet true professionals who are actively investing and collaborating with each other.

Tyler and Mike have done a great job building a such an engaging platform. Whenever I am asked to recommend a Portland real estate event, I respond: “You NEED to check out RareBird.”

Bob Thomas

“They are in the business and they do the business, so they know how to give the right advice.”

Michelle Ly

“Whenever we go to their meetings, you know that it’s what’s going on now, it’s not something that happened five years ago.”

Gary & Paula Butts

“As new investors to the Portland area, RareBird provides us with support and knowledge we need to begin and continue our new adventure.”

Sarah Croskey