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RareBird Investor Network is Portland’s most active real estate investment community.
Our meetings discuss tools, strategies, best practices, and current events in our local market.

Our Story

Co-founders, Tyler and Mike have completed over 80 real estate investment projects since 2009. Their business model has expanded from flips, to historic renovations, to land development and new construction, to holding and renting iconic multifamily.

In 2014, they launched the RareBird Investor Network (RBIN) to change the way people think and interact around real estate investment. RBIN has developed a series of educational opportunities and a collaborative community of entrepreneurs that embrace the following core values:


Leaders – We bravely seize opportunity and dare to do things differently.

Listeners – We practice agenda-free listening.

Creators – We solve instead of sell.

Educators – We teach and empower openly and honestly.

Givers – We exceed expectations and deliver with generosity.

Our promise to you:



RareBird Portland - Listen

Our topics are focused on local issues and tangible steps to success. Our meetings take an engaging approach, where questions are welcome.



RareBird Portland - Listen

Our members embrace an honest and open approach to business. We swap real estate tips and ideas with a generous mindset.



RareBird Portland - Listen

This is a network of active investors who exchange information, property leads and contacts to help each other reach new levels of success.

Meet the RareBird Staff

Mike Nuss – Founder

Mike has an unrivaled passion for Portland real estate. Having a background as a licensed appraiser for the last 20+ years, Mike Nuss is a recognized expert in valuing, negotiating and expanding Portland properties.

He studied both real estate and economic trends throughout his career. Now, his familiarity with the Portland market gives him a strong and confident voice for his Monthly Market Update. As an investor appraiser and property manager, he looks at the industry through a uniquely comprehensive lens.

He enjoys golf, basketball, and spending time with his family.

Tyler Combs – Founder

Tyler geeks out on business management, deal structure, and creative financing, and has raised millions of dollars of acquisition capital through an approach of integrity and honesty.

Originally from Portland, Tyler’s involvement in the community extends beyond his role with Rarebird and as a licensed real estate broker. He has led youth soccer clinics in Oregon as well as Uganda and Kenya and also serves on the Union Gospel Mission Board of Directors.

Tyler is a principal broker at Rarebird Real Estate.

Sonia Houston – Director of Operations

Sonia is no stranger to the real estate industry. She has managed teams in escrow and commercial real estate to move transactions smoothly across the finish line. She is a customer service expert, and at Rarebird, she is dedicated to ensuring every member has a truly amazing experience.

Sonia enjoys gardening, cooking, live music, and hiking.

Haley Finnegan – Marketing Coordinator

With her background in the art world, Haley brings a keen eye for design and panache for creativity to Rarebird. Her favorite things include the Oxford comma, Pantone colors, Avenir, and crafting community experiences and events. A proud perfectionist, Haley loves helping Rarebird share their brand and put their best foot forward!

When not at the office, she can be found on her yoga mat, drinking craft beer, hiking, and spending time with her husband and three very spoiled cats.

Rebecca Kennedy – Office Coordinator

As Office Coordinator, Rebecca does more than just manage appointments, field phone calls, and keep the office stocked with tasty treats. She wears all the hats, jumping in whenever necessary to help the team create solutions, accomplish goals, meet deadlines, and keep business running smoothly.

Outside the office, Rebecca enjoys exploring new places, trying new recipes, and working on her first children’s book.

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